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About Brandadelic

"In the beginning it was just about the business; now it's about the brand." - Richard Branson

We are brand enthusiasts. We believe that brands should thrive in their own multidimensional universe. Hence, we have decided to create one. How? Well, with a bang! A big one, that is... At Brandadelic we believe that every small, medium or big business deserves a professional marketing approach.

 Every entrepreneur or start-up with a smashing new idea should have access to a successful viral campaign or an app.

 Every independent professional needs an interesting idea to communicate his work.

 Every store, even the tiniest one around the corner, deserves a corporate identity or even a full campaign to be proud of.

We fanatically support each and every brand's potential to make a difference and to stand out. And we are willing to build the momentum for it to do so. Our journey has just begun. We are preparing a broad array of strategic branding products and we are seeking funding sources to proceed with the development. So join us and explore a universe of brands. The Brandadelic Universe.



Brandadelic is a small, dynamic team of experienced marketing professionals, with a simple purpose: to create strategic, original, solid and beautifully crafted creative branding ideas for start-ups, very small, small and medium brands around the world. We believe that professionalism goes hand in hand with the joy and love for what we do and we want to share it with everyone who can appreciate it.


Brandadelic will not compete with traditional agencies. On the contrary, we follow a Blue Ocean strategy to create our own space in the Brand universe. Our core target is dynamic SMEs and start-up companies, able to work online with us. By doing so we maximize the value our clients get from our services at a reasonable cost without the fluff. We want that both us and our clients roll our sleeves up and get down to making results-driven communication.


We are aiming at creating a technology platform for brand asset management. We want to offer reliable and seamless brand management user experience to our customers, through an easy and fun to use user interface that helps them - and us - understand their branding needs and requirements.

 How it works

Branadelic aims to attract SMEs and start-up companies around Europe. Our plan is to offer services in many languages in the near future. For the time being Brandadelic speaks English and Greek and will soon introduce French, German, Spanish and Italian. Innovation is part of Brandadelic DNA. It will be launched online only. But although we believe in the power of the web we don't ignore traditional ways of advertising. Brandadelic believes that not all marketing needs should be web-based, but rather tailored to the needs of specific clients. Despite the "online" trend that many traditional agencies have taken, we focus on essence and take the opposite direction: we operate only online but offer alternative and traditional advertising depending on what is best for each client; we can thus compose the most appropriate and budget-effective creative proposal and medium.


We are born glocal. We intend to maintain a small management and quality control team that will review user input and define the brand strategy. Execution will be largely outsourced to selected partners in the countries we are going to target in order to make sure we are aligned with the local culture. This structure portrays some of our primary goals: Create opportunities for highly skilled advertising professionals especially in Southern Europe and connect these brilliant people with the dynamic entrepreneurs of the same area. They really deserve each other!


We take a different path to advertising. Quite often, in a typical linear process of creating advertising, customers approach an ad agency and pay a lot of money to receive some pampering and a silly wordplay after innumerable iterations. Our approach is different: we want our clients to understand the strategic meaning of their moves and how these emerge from and affect their brand. Communication channels today are numerous but not all are meaningful for all clients. In addition there is always a cost/benefit relationship, especially when looking through the brand lens. A decent business card or an impressive presentation might have more impact than a Facebook page. Our products will be modular, from no-frills base branding packages to more complex offers that the client will mix and match according to the budget.


What is Brandadelic?

 Brandadelic is an online advertising agency with one goal: to design and promote aesthetically beautiful and strategically strong brand campaigns for every single client no matter it's budget and importance. Every single brand has the potential to evolve, grow and be a star in the universe of brands. That's why it has to be well designed, well-articulated with a strong strategic background. Others call it creative advertising, we call it Brandadelic!

Who can use brandadelic?

An entrepreneur who wants a new 360° ad campaign for his new product.

A brand that needs rebranding.

A startup company looking for modern yet affordable communication solutions.

Someone who needs a new business identity for his shop.

Whoever needs a reliable creative team to advise him about his next steps in the market.

The owner of a small marmalade family business, who would love to have an ad for but one cannot afford it.

A successful SME with a boring ad campaign.

In two words. Almost everyone.

In one word. You.

Why Brandadelic can only be reached online?

 To minimize cost and to maximize speed we decided to create a strictly online ad agency where clients through a specially designed process can explain their market needs, goals and budget. This breakthrough procedure saves money and time and lowers costs in a very viable and smart way for both sides. So every client can afford to have the brand identity its business deserves without the artificial costs of a big shiny mumbo jumbo glittering advertising agency. It also helps you, the client, to understand your needs and why our proposals work for you. It puts you in charge of your budget and allows both of us commit to this relationship.

Who is Brandadelic?

 Oscar Wild once said that 'Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes'

...oh and we Brandadelians have a loooong way of experience on our backs! We are a handful - obsessed - skillful - passionate - hard working professionals with many years of work in advertising, art direction, copywriting, brand identity, marketing and digital marketing. Along this bumpy and interesting way, we've decided to follow our hearts, share our paths and become Brandadelic.

What is not Bradadelic?

 Posh, bullshitting, ignorant, fake, megalomaniac, know-it-all, inexperienced, expensive, unprofessional, boring, impersonal, dull, slow to deliver, artificial, narrow minded...


We're out fundraising! February 28nd 2013

We've just launched our first attempt to fund our idea with the help of ZeroFund. Our target is to make a first working prototype and incorporate Brandadelic.

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Our team


Mania Sotiropoulou Creative writer

Mania started her career when she was told she is not the right person for advertising. Since 1996 she's joined many multinationals and local ad agencies in Athens gaining experience as creative writer with a strong strategic twist for more than 15 years. She is member of the international writers' team of BBH London and Adversion London. She has contributed in the creation of a book for the Aegean archipelago and translated 7 books from English and French into Greek. She can now confirm she is not the right person for just being a writer. She is a fanatic yoga practitioner, avid traveler and mother earth lover. Her life moto is: 'Be the Guru of your life'.


Nikos Pechlivanidis Creative director

As a kid, Nikos used to spend many hours in front of the TV, watching his favorite ads. And every time his mom would shout at him to join the rest for dinner he would simply turn the volume on... When he reached 20, he decided to turn his passion for creative ideas into a career and studied advertising at Doncaster College, UK, graduating with an HND in Design Advertising. He returned to Greece driven by the ambition to make a difference in Greek advertising... Since 2000, he has collaborated with some of the most notable Greek advertising agencies producing 360° work that won both national and international awards such Grand Ermis & Ermis Gold, Epica Gold and Golden Drum Gold. When not thinking ideas for existing advertising projects, Nikos is thinking ideas for potential advertising projects, practicing Ninjutsu, travelling and going to rock concerts.


Christianna Leonaki Art director and Designer

As a teenager Christianna was against brand names or anything that has to do with the masses. At Visual Communication & Multimedia Applications at Vakalo Art & Design college she mostly liked to draw so it was at her first job in an advertising company when she realised that besides nice pictures it is the brand that matters the most. She laughed out loud with the irony! Ever since her work is focused on the brand, as a challenge, giving to every project a different unique perspective like she wanted for herself. She spent the last 17 years working in many multinational advertising agencies in Athens always taking that challenge. And then came her daughter. She now had finally the time to sew, knit and create her favorite wired cloth dolls and pillows she only could dream of before. As a professional she is in constant search of new forms, new patterns, new shapes and ideas while she is designing corporate identities, posters, logos and websites. As a mother she tries to give her daughter a good reason to laugh.


Xenia Spyrou Art Director/Digital Art Director/Illustrator

Xenia from an early age developed a tendency to interpret everything around her visually. With the passing of time she was becoming more and more demanding with her visual output, so she went to college to practice her skills. After studying Visual Communication & Multimedia Applications at Vakalo Art & Design college - The University of Derby she graduated with bachelor's degree. In 2000 she started working at Fortune Advertising Athens as an Art Director and Illustrator. She moved on as a Senior Art Director at Lowe Athens and after that she became a Digital Art director at Rascal. Nowadays she is a freelance Art Director/Digital Art Director & illustrator. When not doing advertising, Xenia is cooking, gardening, creating stuff with her hands, walking her dog "Nanouska", travelling, swimming, practicing yoga & experiencing life as much as possible.


Dimitris Servis Secret agent

Naval architecture, marine engineering, simulations, algorithms, stochastics, statistics, robust design and engineering (keep optimisation to yourself), software development and architecture, agile, RUP (yes, RUP), scientific data management, HPC, performance engineering, SixSigma, project management, entrepreneurship, new ventures, new technologies, business development, Greece, Switzerland, earth.

Loves to troll on tweeps overly serious with themselves.

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