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About our great project

MyPortofoli is an online-shopping center,where customers can find thousand of product's/service's deals,uploaded by existing businesses.

Each business has its own profile for promoting its products/services.Also,via its profile customer can get in touch with business and giving feedback on its services.

MyPortofoli helps shop-keepers to promote&sell their business's products/services,without having any special experience-knowledge on internet marketing.A super-easy way with user-friendly feautures and low cost services.



Add a commercial banner & your business's logo.Describe it in a few words (history and services).Show your collection of products/services.Receive feedback from customers and finally add your contact informations (phone,mail,twitter/facebook business's profile.


No need to be expert on e-commerce.Do you have a great product or service?Great!Signup,fill the "Partner Inquiry",upload it and we promote it.Also,you don't need to be all the time connected to your dashboard.Everytime,a sale is approved you receive an e-mail.


You want to know about your revenue ,view your orders or you have a change for a product's details.Here,you have the control of your business's profile and products.


In your profile,except to phone and your email,you can add your business's social profiles (twitter&facebook).In this way,you can get closer with them via social engagement.Also,customers can contact with you,directly via your business profile by email you.


What i need to be a partner?

You need to have a business,as we need your VAT number,your business bank account and of course your products!

Do I need to have already an e-shop,as to become a partner?

NO!But,if you have,it's a great opportunity to promote your products.

Is there a limit for my uploads?

NO!You can upload as many deals you want,for no extra fee.

If my stock availability changes,what happens?

You have to keep it updated,for having high feedback from customers.In some cases,it's possible to be banned.

What's next?

Special Discounts

The partners will be able to choose if they want to give more discount to members with unemployed/students identity.

Uploading Coupons

A member will be able to download a partner's coupon code and redeem it directly to the business.

Mobile Application

Via our application,members will be able to check the businesses near them,who offer a discount.With this application,they will download the coupon code to their mobile device,as to redeem it to the checkout.

About pledge

Pledge 5€ or more

You get 10% off for your first 5 purchases!Great? .

Pledge 10€ or more

You get 20% off for your first 5 purchases!Great?

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You get 20% off for your first 5 purchases & one product with value until 25€ for FREE!!

Pledge 50€ or more

Woow!! By backing us 50€ or more you get a product with value 100€ FOR FREE!! Of course you have 20% off for your next 5 purchases!!Crazy? It's true!

Pledge 100€ or more

Now,you are the Boss!Back us 100€ or more and you get products with total value 200€ FOR FREE!! Of course you have 20% off for your next 5 purchases! What are you waiting for???

"Low cost means better prices!"

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Our team

Dimitris Xourikis CEO

Dimitris is student of economics in Technological Institute of Piraeus.He's passionate about internet and the facilities it can offers.His first occupation with internet industry,was started in 2011,named as DealinMall.

Dimitris Giouzelis

Dimitris Giouzelis Design&Development

Dimitris works in internet industry since 1996 and he has developed more than 350 web sites. The last 4 year,he's focused on e-commerce applications, working with small and medium companies,in order to make their plans come true.

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