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About Pollfish

Pollfish provides access to millions of mobile users for you to survey.

Pollfish is a survey platform that provides one stop solution to create a survey, distribute it to the appropriate audience and get results.

Do you want to get answers?

Just create your survey, select your audience and relax.

Are you a mobile developer?

Pollfish is the next big thing in mobile apps monetization. Just include our SDK in you application and start making money. Surveys pay 20x more than mobile Ads.


One stop solution for surveys.

Forget about link shares or buying email to get responses. Just create your survey and start getting results.

Target the appropriate audience.

You want access to people based on their location, provider, gender and many many more? Pollfish provides an advanced targeting system to survey only the audience that matches your criteria.

Quality survey creation platform.

The platform provides everything you need to create the perfect survey. Branching, shuffling and multilingual support are just some of the technical features Pollfish provides you to create your surveys.


We have access to loyal smartphone users. Mobile users nowadays are one of the most valuable, but difficult audience to reach. We provide access to them with a single click. 50-50 gender distribution mostly aged from 18 to 44 and highly engadged when they interact with their phones. A perfect audience in terms of research and marketing.


The perfect way to monetize your app.

Think of Pollfish like Admob but with surveys. Surveys pay 20x more than an adclick. Yes twenty times more!! Include Pollfish SDK in your app and start making serious money.

Multiplatform. Android, iPhone, iPad? We got an SDK for you.

Dead simple to integrate. Just one line and you are ready. No need to change your app's layout or structure. Just let us worry about that stuff.

Happy users.

Your users can easily skip surveys if they don't want to answer. Best thing though is that they can win a prize directly from your app. Yes from your app!! Smelling some 5star ratings?

Know your user.

Create house surveys to know your users and learn how you can improve your app.


How do you charge?

We charge only completed surveys.

How much do you charge per survey?

The price per completed survey is calculated based on the targeting method, number of questions and survey logic.

How do i get my data?

Pollfish provides real-time charts to monitor your results. Also we support a wide variety of results extraction (excel, cvs, etc.)

Am I limited to create only polls?

Don't let the name misslead you. Pollfish supports complex survey mechanisms such as branching, filtering and shuffling optimized for mobile.

How fast do i get results?

That depends on the targeting you set but rest asured you will get results way faster than the usual methods used currently.


Growing February 27nd 2012

We currently have access to more than 70.000 mobile users ready to answer your surveys. +40k users in less than a week!

Survey completed February 26nd 2013

Finished our first nation-wide survey. We are in business!

Our team

John Papadakis CEO

Team Coordination. Trying to master sales by day, coding by night.

Andreas Vourkos COO

Operations, Sales. Bringing balance in this group of fellows. Nothing is good unless is perfect!

Giannis Zaoudis CTO

Skipper. In his spare time he is our frontend ninja.

Vasileios Mitrousis Head of Mobile

Mobile platform fragmentation? What is that? This guy can handle anything anytime. Rocker in heart.

Zissis Bellas Art Director

Serial....Designer. UI Design, Audio, Video, you name it. Also has a lot of time to spare.

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