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Statistics & Motivation

The statistics show that a Nation in the case of an economic crisis Experiences catastrophic situations of warfare proportions.
Businesses collapse, Unemployment rates climb, Poverty rates triple, Suicides multiply and the ones who struggle the most are the Young adults who try to stand on their feet.

The future of a country is determined by the youth, which represents the only resource capable of reversing the situation, but its wings are broken and it doesn’t act, as it lacks:

  1. Support, mentoring, consulting.
  2. Financial means (capital).
  3. HOPE.

These are the elements that will enable the youth to act.
Fundanation is bringing those means together for the sake of every troubled Nation.

What is Fundanation?

Fundanation is a non-profit organization which aims to raise funds to facilitate innovative business ideas come to life. It is a crowdfunding and crowdsourcing way of doing business.

Our social web platform's goal is to spur creativity through interactivity. It is a sandbox for your ideas, where they can be discussed, refined and re-shaped so that they ultimately evolve into a winning recipe. And those of you that have already processed your ideas, along with a rigorous business plan presentation, you can enter one of our funding competitions!

Our initiative aspires to merge people, companies and organizations into a vibrant community of donators and entrepreneurs. Each member of the community can aid in shaping the business future of a country by donating to our cause, by submitting a business idea, or by discussing, voting and promoting the ideas that it believes deserve to get a chance.

Fundanation consists of five main components and a unique spirit.

  1. Aspired entrepreneurs who seek support and funding.
  2. Responsible donators who earn voting credits by providing capital to our platform.
  3. Raving supporters who earn voting credits by sharing and promoting inspiring ideas with their network.
  4. A Fundanation community, which evaluates, refines and redesigns business ideas.
  5. Companies and Organisations with a socially responsible profile that sponsor the Fundanation initiative.

The UNIQUE SPIRIT lies in the DEMOCRATIC way of CHOOSING the IDEAS funded and developed, by turning your donations and promotional work into voting credits, which are used to determine the ideas that YOU believe are going to MAKE A DIFFERENCE for the NATIONS.



Fundanation is going to run consecutive funding competitions in multiple countries of the world.

For each competition, a call for uploading innovative business ideas will be made. Enterpreneurs who respond to a competition call, will have to upload their business ideas, which will start getting peer-reviewed by the community. Those ideas can be discussed and refined by raving fans and supporters, until the beginning of the Funding competition in question.

For a Funding competition to begin, a minimum amount of donated capital will be set, within a maximum allowed timeframe. When any of these two limits is reached, the competition starts and the community is called to vote for the most fulfilling business ideas. At the end of the competition, a handful of business ideas will jump out and win their share of the total amount of funds!

To begin our journey, we have chosen to run our first funding competition in Greece.


You can participate in our cause in many ways. But don't forget! Right now and until we launch, we mostly need you to "spread the word" and donate! After launching our platform, you will be able to participate in the following four ways:


If you believe in the IDEA of Fundanation, you are more than welcome to contribute and donate any amount you like.
If YOU believe it, WE will make it happen!


You will be able to share and promote the most intriguing business ideas you browse in the Fundanation platform, so as to let your friends and family know about them.


You can discuss about the business ideas you come across or provide professional expertise in our forum and project pages, you can give feedback, you can envision, you can make it all happen!


Donations and Promotion of ideas will give you voting credits to use during the Funding Competition.
NOW is the time to start voting for the future’s innovative business ideas, which will boost a nation’s economy.


Value for the entrepreneurs

  1. Initial capital – A start up can now enter the competition with a compelling idea that may end up winning the competition.
  2. Growth capital – Already operating businesses can enter the competition and win the extra capital they need to improve their business.
  3. Worldwide promotion – The community will read, evaluate and refine your idea. Potential funders and customers are in one place.
  4. Supporters – During the competition you will inspire with your idea and you will have raving fans and supporters. Make sure your idea is one of a kind! These supporters can then convert to customers.
  5. Business plan preparation – Fundanation gives you the inspiration, knowledge and tools to prepare your business idea and present a professional business plan. This business plan can be reused for any additional request for capital outside Fundanation.
  6. Get ready for business – Entrepreneurs will participate in the competition and learn how to present and promote their business ideas, get raving fans and supporters and start their business with all the extra publicity and promotion gained from the Fundanation movement.
    Act local, think Global!

Value for the people

Through Fundanation people can:

  1. Decide on a nation’s economy.
  2. Shape the economy and the future of a nation.
  3. Be part of a socio-economic movement.
  4. Get acknowledged for their participation and contribution.
  5. Get tax reliefs for their donations.
  6. Get connected with the whole diaspora and nation friendly people.
  7. Do something really good. Get creative!

Value for companies and organisations

The value companies and organisations are getting, comes from a whole new perspective:

  1. Improve their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), by doing REAL good for the community and their economic environment.
  2. Get access to new and upcoming business ideas getting out of the Competition.
  3. Get tax reliefs for their donations.

Value for a nation’s economy

The empowering of a nation’s entrepreneurs will lead to:

  1. An instant and more efficient business environment.
  2. The generation of new employment.
  3. A business environment based on the competitive advantages of each nation.
  4. The empowerment of young businesses.
  5. The increase in GDP, the increase in jobs and the improvisation of our economic being.


Why should I get involved with Fundanation?

Fundanation is a great opportunity for people, companies and organisations to support, fund and decide about innovative business ideas. This is a democratic, social and business platform where you can decide on a nation's business future.

What can I do within Fundanation?

You could use Fundanation for various reasons:

  1. To present and fund your business ideas.
  2. To support the Fundanation platform and promote business ideas you like.
  3. To donate money in order to fund the business ideas of the future.
  4. To express your opinion about the economic environment you would like and which business ideas you prefer.
  5. To vote for the business ideas which will shape your economic future.

Why should I donate money?

The donation of ANY amount of money is essential for Fundanation to fund tomorrow’s businesses. Even 1 euro is important. These donations will then be used to fund the business ideas that are going to win the competition of Fundanation.

Who is collecting the donations?

Fundanation is a non-profit organization aiming to fund innovative and profitable businesses. Donations are collected and maintained within Fundanation, waiting for the best business ideas to win the Fundanation Competition. Fundanation as an NGO withholds a percent of the raised funds to maintain some administration costs. Those are subject to discussion and approval by the community and can by no means exceed 5% of the total capital raised.

How are the donations given to business ideas?

The funds gathered from donations will be delivered to those business ideas that win the Fundanation Competition. Before delivering the money to the winners, we make sure that the business has been established in the country the competition is held and is properly launched.

Which business ideas get funded?

The business ideas that win the Fundanation Competition get funded. In order to win the competition you have to collect as many votes as possible from the community. The more money donated, the more ideas will be funded.

How do I earn the right to Vote?

You earn the right to vote for the business ideas of your choice by collecting voting credits. Voting credits are awarded when you participate in the following ways in the Fundanation movement:

  1. If you donate money to the cause.
  2. If you promote and support business ideas for the Fundanation movement.

Who is deciding the business ideas that get the donations?

You are deciding on the business ideas that ultimately get funded. The most voted business ideas democratically receive the funds to start their business future.

Which is the nation that fundanation will support first?

The first competition for business ideas will start in Greece and will address Greek entrepreneurs. Greece is facing fierce economic problems and severe austerity measures. This is why it is the first country on our Fundanation list.

How will you monitor the funded business ideas?

Fundanation requires a semi-annual brief report from each funded business, in order to present to the community their progress and justify the money donated. The Fundanation team can and will from time to time visit the funded businesses to monitor the implementation of their strategy.

"Yes! I want to be a part of it!"

Back Fundanation minimum pledge is 1€

Our team

Ioannis Vryzas Strategy Developer

Ioannis is a co-founder of Fundanation. His academic background is on Balkan studies and Economics, and his MSc in Management & Marketing. He is mainly interested in giving life to innovative ideas and exploring the unlimited potential of the web for mankind.

Athena Ioannidou Business Developer

Athena is a co-founder of Fundanation. Her studies are based on Business Administration (BA) and Operational Research (MSc) and her main interests lie in entrepreneurship, innovation, social businesses, education and business evolution.

Tolis Tramantzas Software Architect

Tolis is a co-founder of Fundanation. He has studied Computer Science (BSc) and Software Engineering (MSc) in the UK. There, he developed a special interest in Networking, Security and Web Technologies. He sees Fundanation as a great social experiment and a technical challenge!

Tasos Koufalis Software Engineer

Tasos studied Industrial Information Technology with one cause in his mind: to help make this world a better place! So, when he first heard about the "Fundanation Idea", he immediately knew he had to be a part of its development. By using his knowledge and his ideals, he is determined to give people the chance to have equal rights to success.

Stamatis Tentsos Graphic Designer

Stamatis is a huge fan of all facets of design but his main passions lie in graphic design, illustration and 3D art. He got his BA in graphic design in 2004 and an MA in 3D Animation in 2006. He is currently doing the graphic design for Fundanation and other projects.

Kalliopi Vlachopanou Social Media Marketeer

Kalliopi is a Social human being. She holds a BA in Accounting, but her interests led her to the beautiful world of Social Media. She is currently a member of the Fundanation team, doing some fine social media marketing.