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together is better

About our great project

We aim to build a web and mobile platform for real travelers, for backpackers, for people that wish to go off the beaten track, who don't compromise, who search for new experiences, who like to meet new people. And we wish to bring all these travelers together based on where they go and when they go

And then we group them so to meet and go together!

So this is how it goes:

You login/signup with your Facebook or twitter or email account

We give you the destination which for the moment is Amsterdam!

You enter your check in/check out dates

System gets back with people from all over the world travelling to Amsterdam the same dates as you!

One of them might be from your town? Or your country? Or might be friend of a friend from Facebook?

Or might be your closest buddy?

World is such a small place...

You invite some of these people to travel together to Amsterdam!

The rule is that the group must be at least 6 people

Then starts the fun part...


Platform lets you interact together and organize your trip

Platform lets you share info and photos with group members

Suggests the best way to travel to Amsterdam based on cost minimization

Shows the best accommodation offers in Amsterdam based on the number/type of rooms that you need

Shows the best restaurant offers in Amsterdam based on the size of your group

Shows the best bars/clubs/entertainment offers in Amsterdam based on the size of your group

Our team

Dimitris Missiris CEO

Dimitris is hotel owner in Samothraki island, Greece. He is also a tech enthusiast that came up with the idea of letsmeet-in based upon both his own experience as traveler and hotel owner. He has a bachelor degree in biology and an MBA. This is his first entrepreneurial attempt and he thanks ZeroFund for letting him present an idea that can really change the way people travel!

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