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we help both individuals and business to get the attention they need!
Our service includes ready-to-go and custom packages, to allow you to choose your virtual friend easily. We are hiring the most beatiful people out there, REAL people. Not pre-programmed computer things or anything like that. Among them, you will have the ability to choose her/his type, of frequency of interactions and other specific things you'd want them to have!

Imagine the whole process like the "Genie of the Lamp". You rub it, you name it, you got it! The only difference is, is that you don't have a limit of three wishes!


Some things you should know about us.
How many times have you been forced to see your ex-lover announcing his/her new love in his/her social network profile? How many times have you been thinking of a possible way of pay-back? How many times have you been sitting behind a desk, alone, watching your friends post romantic comments to each other while you don't have the ability to do so? Not anymore!!!
Quick F.A.Q.
  • Is there any age-limitation?

    Yes, there is. To use our services you need to be an adult. You could use it anyway, but if you're under 18 and we'll figure it out, you'll probably be banned the very next day. Sorry about that.
  • Are your imaginary girl/boy friends' profiles fake?

    No, not at all. Every single profile is 100% real and the person you see is the person you talk with. In fact, we're still hiring. The hiring form will be ready as soon as possible.
  • Can i keep contact with my virtual girl/boy friend?

    Sorry, no. It's clear that this is a real job for your virtual friend. Everything, even the private messaging feature, is a part of his/her job. They will stay in touch, for as long as your "package" demands it.
  • Can i use 2 or more virtual friends at the same time?

    Of course! You just need to take a look at the "Custom packages"!
  • Is there a possibility to have a realistic photo of me and my virtual friend?

    Yes, it's possible. It's under the "Custom packages", but you better ask your virtual friend's permission before buying it. If she/he is ok with that, then we can produce realistic photos of you two lovebirds together!
Features Sneak Peek
  • Posts
    Select the frequency between posts to your favorit Social Network profile and let your new virtual girlfriend/boyfriend surprise you -and the rest of your friends! The only thing we need, is the type of messages you wish to receive from your "new love". Pick one writting-style from our categories, sit back and watch your new g/b-friend post on your wall just the way you like it!

  • Comments
    Allow us to comment on your statuses, your photos and anything else you want us to! Just give us the guideline. You need a "lovely" comment, or a "kinky" one?

  • Likes/Shares
    Do you want your new six-pack-on-the-beach photos to be liked or shared by your new love, in order to make your Ex "blow up"? No problem! Let us help!

  • Live chat/SMS
    Need to show off your new girlfriend's / boyfriend's opinion about your last, naughty night? We've got the most dirty minds, that's for sure! Just let us know how you want us to bring it on!


These are the people behind our successes. These guys never give up.
Nick Spyrou
CEO / Co-Founder /Software Engineer(Senior)

Nick, is writting software and Business Applications for more than 12 years. He has been involved in projects regarding vertical markets, banking and enterprises resources planning software applications, web application and for the past few years, mobile and distributed applications.

Irene Vlachogianni
Online Marketing / Co-Founder

Irene is the Founder of N-ever Alone. She works on production and marketing and she is experienced in customer support, team supervision and operations. She is in to activism too.

George Siamidis
Web Developer / Designer

George, is developing web sites, small scale .Net Applications and various types of graphics such as Web Graphics, Prints etc. He loves Wordpress, and he uses it as his main Framework, and also believes in a Responsive and Minimal web! Through the years he has been involved both in small and large projects including, Personal Websites, Local Businesses, State Projects and News and Media Industry.

Kostas Karakatsoulis
Security Administrator

Konstantinos deals with security auditing and real-world penetration tests, including web applications and internal or external corporate environments ethical hacking (the black-box approach) for twelve years, of which the last two professionally. In the past he has worked on Windows and Linux systems administration, PBX and Voice over IP, customer service and security issues solving.

Pavlos Tournaris
Software Developer

Pavlos is a Software Developer. He studies at Athens University Economics of Business.He has developed applications for his university for the student body.He is outgoing and fun to be with,and has a great sense of humor. If he has something to say,he'll tell you directly.

Louisa Kopelas
Communications & Events

She is the head of communications,and events coordinator.She likes to travel and is in to sports on her free time. She's great when it comes to human relations. Her beliefs "Everything happens for a reason".