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About our great project

Pinobo is a creativity application that allows you to create your own social board. The innovative logic and philosophy with which it is designed, allows you to pin, drag, rotate, scaled up or scale down anything on your board and decide the position of each object in a free, two-dimension space. You can decorate your board by pairing photos, images, videos, notes, quotes, links, maps, pins etc, either from your computer or from the web and make a board that reflects your personality. Lastly, you can share your board or your objects (pinables) with your friends any time you wish to, or just keep it for yourself. The corkboard reinvented.




The basic concept is quite simple:
Do you have a corkboard at home?
Have you ever wished you could take it with you?
Well, pinobo digitizes the traditional real-life tool and enhances this experience with video, links and other cool stuff, plus social sharing.

So, we have pinobo, the corkboard reinvented.


Free form UI:

pinobo's User Interface is designed so as to give you complete freedom to place and interact with any object on your board, even the menus. You can drag, rotate, scale and put all your digital stuff wherever you like on your board. Everything is both easy to use and fully adjustable to your preferences.

pinobo UI details

Collect features:

  • Import images/pictures from your computer, websites, cloud storage and other applications
    (dropbox, icloud, box.com, instagram, facebook, twitter, flickr, etc)
  • Import videos from youtube
  • Import music from your computer and from youtube
  • Take notes, either on post-its or paper sheets
  • Add links to other websites
  • Add widgets

Decorate features:

  • Drag, rotate, scale and order your digital stuff and put them wherever you like on your board
  • Add pins and stickers from pinobo's library
  • Import your own stickers/badges from your computer (images with transparencies)
  • Choose different backgrounds from our gallery

Share features:

  • Share your board with your friends through social media (including a facebook tab application)
  • Share your board with your followers on pinobo
  • Share your board with your friends via email and direct link
  • Keep it for yourself only (private)

Flashback feature: (timeline)

You can watch the history of your board and how it evolves over time with this feature. Pinobo will take one snapshot of your board every day.


What is pinobo?

The 1st social board application!

What can I do with pinobo that I can't do with existing applications?

Because of its free form UI you can make your board a "next-generation blog", as you can pin whatever is valuable to you and you will decide how you want to decorate it. Instead of using only pictures or text to express yourself, you can add more stuff at the same time and make it richer in content and feelings. Unleash your creativity and your personality!

What can I make with pinobo?

You can make a rich content collage, a comic book, a board about your interests (sports, movies, music etc), a board about YOU and what you like!

And if I am not a "creative" person?

You can still use pinobo for your own reasons; for example to keep your daily stuff and notes. Remember! Finding your own way to use pinobo is creative by itself!

Will I have to pay to use it?

Nope. Pinobo will be a free application. You will be able, though, to purchase virtual goods or a pro subscription for additional features.

Will pinobo be available on mobile devices?

Pinobo will be available on the web, Windows 8, iOS, Android and Firefox OS platforms.

Why should I support this project?

If you like the idea and you look forward to bringing pinobo to life, why not then! :P

When will pinobo go live?

We are live! Pinobo's Public Preview is on air! You can create your own board at www.pinobo.com/boards

What about the team of pinobo?

Christos first came up with the idea about 2 years ago. He decided to share it with Kostas, and later with Spiros and Apostolis. So, one snowing day of January (2013), all-four of them met at a local coffee spot and began working on the idea. Pinobo is what came out of this. This was not their first project as a team, so they knew how to put everything together and this accelerated the process.


Pinobo Public Preview! March 22nd 2013

Pinobo's public preview goes live! You can now create your own board at www.pinobo.com/boards

pinobo at Mobile World Congress 2013! February 25-28th 2013

"Greek startups" app includes pinobo among the Greek startups. Visitors of the exhibition will be able to watch pinobo's promo video during the event.

2nd place during Windowns Startup Challenge-Round 1 February 5th 2013

pinobo took 2nd place worldwide, in the first round of Windows Start Challenge, competing with 150+ teams from all over the world and collecting 968 votes and 1376 likes during facebook voting process within only 7 days!.

pinobo's Infographic


pinobo's infographic for your eyes only...infographic

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Our team

Christos Alatzidis co-founder, CEO

Christos is an unconventional workaholic computer scientist, always searching for innovative ways to build new things. After graduating from EECS and gathering the necessary technical skills, he continued with his MSc in theoritical CS and completed his knowledge base on how things work in computers. In the meantime he worked as a software engineer, both for companies and freelancing. He designed and implemented large-scale enterprise systems and mobile applications. His field of knowledge includes GIS applications, web, voice portals, e-commerce, computer graphics and gaming.

Kostas Karolemeas co-founder, CTO

Kostas co-founded his first startup (evorad - medical imaging) in 2006, and exited in 2012 handing over a mature product family counting thousands of happy users around the world. He specializes in cloud computing and 2D/3D Computer Graphics applied to data visualization and entertainment/gaming. Kostas has been involved in R&D and technical leadership for several software projects in industries such as engineering, healthcare, banking/finance and media. Most projects involved large numbers of users, required state-of-the-art technologies and were assigned to him as "mission impossible". Kostas holds a BSc Computer Science and an MBA.

Spiros Xenos co-founder, Creative Director

Being raised in a family that art and computers were the center of attention he had the oportunity to explore both worlds in early ages. He started to work as a computer technician and sql developer while studying for his BSc degree in the American College of Greece. Fortunately, color, sketch, animation and design were inscribed on his DNA. The result, of combining art and programming, was an MA in computer animation and special effects at the University of Bradford. In 2007, he started working as a 3D generalist, graphic designer and flash developer. From 2009 he works as a freelancer.

Apostolis Lianos co-founder, Marketing Director

Apostolis is extremely charmed from the world of Branding, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Experiential Marketing. He has recently graduated from Athens University of Economics and Business with a bachelor degree in Business Administration. He has won two student competitions so far (L'Oreal Brandstorm 2010, Modus Vivendi 2011) and in the meantime he runs projects as digital marketer and brand strategist.